XF 2.0 Add-on works only on dev forum


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I've created an add-on for XF2. It all works fine on dev forum, but when I install it on my other test forum (same server, just different folder) to check it out, some options from Options and Style properties doesn't work.

When I edit existing add-on I do this to export it:

php cmd.php xf-addon:bump-version BassMan/myaddon --version-id 1000070 --version-string 1.0.0

Than this:

php cmd.php xf-addon:build-release BassMan/myaddon

Than I go to _releases folder on server and download the zip folder. I hope this is the right procedure.

I see I have also _output folder. I've read about it in Docs, but don't understand it very well.

I hope I've explained it good enough what the problem is. I just want that what works on my dev forum works on any other (clean) XF2 installation. What am I doing wrong (I guess something with exporting add-on; but also when I manually check files they are the same on both forums)?

Just another question about versioning:
should we version add-ons as recommended in Docs (version ID and version string) or could something goes wrong if versionin is different, let's say with less numbers etc.

Thank you for your answers.

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