Fixed  ADd-on Export => Multilang support



I have installed 3 languages (german, english, croatian)

Always when i want to export a add-on, the phrases are "pissed" up.
Some are english, some german and some croatian and i don't know why.

For me, it's not a problem, because i'm using a own method for the export, but IMHO this is a big problem for the add-on developers if they want to support different langueages;)

	/**overwrite original method *//
	public function getMasterPhrasesInAddOn($addOnId, $langId)
		return $this->fetchAllKeyed('
			FROM xf_phrase
			WHERE addon_id = ?
			AND language_id = $langId
			ORDER BY title
		', 'title', $addOnId);
Also pls think about ;)


XenForo developer
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This is fixed now - the language_id was supposed to be forced to 0, as the phpDoc suggests. :)

Also, the next release has some additional export options, including limiting to a particular add-on (which means that when importing, it only replaces phrases in that add-on).