XF 1.1 Add-On ERROR valid callback method

I am trying to install an add-on....(I have tried this with MULTIPLE add-ons and get the same result).

I followed the directions:
downloaded the files
unzipped it
uploaded it via FTP to the Public_html
returned to the admin area and clicked "ADD-ONS" > Install Add-On
I selected the .xml from the downloaded folder
hit Install Add-On (screen shot 1)

after hitting the install Add-on...I get this ERROR MESSAGE

ERROR msg.jpg

What do I put in the "Install from file on Server" field?


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OK, so you've gone wrong by uploading the whole UPLOAD folder into your public_html

From your signature, your forum is inside the /forum directory. You need to upload the contents of the UPLOAD folder (not that folder itself), to the forum folder.
ok got it. now do i need to re-upload the file? will it populate to my site automatically or do i make more changes?

sorry....i'm new at this :)