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When a forum has prefixes assigned to it, we can filter the thread list to show either threads using a specific prefix, or show all threads.

However, we also need an option to show threads with no prefix, a "none" option if you like.

This has always been a problem for us on ZooChat.

For our zoo discussions, we have one forum per country, and then have prefixes for each zoo in that country. This allows users to start a thread which is either about a specific zoo (by selecting a prefix), or a generic country-specific discussion (perhaps about transfers of animals between zoos or comparing zoos and such).

Some countries have hundreds of zoos, so the thread prefix list can be quite long.

This model generally works well and I have added a dropdown prefix selection list to the top of the page (XF 1.5) to make it easier for users to filter the list to show only threads from a single zoo.

The challenge we face is: given the majority of discussions are about specific zoos, the threads which are more general (country-level rather than zoo level) can get lost amongst all the other threads and there is currently no way to filter out threads which do have a prefix.

There really needs to be a "none" option in the prefix filter to show only those threads which do not have a prefix associated with them.

I note that there is a related suggestion here: ... but that was specifically relating to XFRM resources rather than threads - but no doubt the same principal applies across all content types which use prefixes.
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