Add new entries to the Help page

Add new entries to the Help page

How about using the options to provide custom URL for privacy policy, terms and rules, and contact.

I am creating following files for my custom URLs.. privacy.php terms.php and contact.php
What must I place in the files to have the look and feel of XenForo pages??
How do I avoid having _'s appear?

<dt><a href="{xen:link pages/gettingstarted}">{xen:phrase Getting_Started}</a></dt>
                <dd>{xen:phrase If_you_are_new_please_read_the_getting_started_guide_here}</dd>

        <dt><a href="{xen:link help/smilies}">{xen:phrase smilies}</a></dt>
        <dd>{xen:phrase this_shows_full_list_of_smilies_you_can_insert_when_posting_message}</dd>

        <dt><a href="{xen:link help/bb-codes}">{xen:phrase bb_codes}</a></dt>
        <dd>{xen:phrase list_of_bb_codes_you_can_use_to_spice_up_look_of_your_messages}</dd>

        <dt><a href="{xen:link help/trophies}">{xen:phrase trophies}</a></dt>
        <dd>{xen:phrase you_can_earn_trophies_by_carrying_out_different_actions}</dd>

You have to put the _'s in or it gives you an error but the _'s show up for my description and not the others...
I'm not sure what you mean.

Do you mean the phrases?
If so, you need to create the phrases that correspond with the phrase title and enter the text when doing so.

Just revert back to the original phrase titles and edit the text for each phrase.
Looks fine to me.


As I said above, I suspect you have changed the phrase titles without creating the corresponding phrases.
that might be it... I just did everything suggested in the first post... pardon my ignorance...
How do I add the phrases?
Everything looks fine on my end except the _'s
here is the code i added in help_wrapper
<li><a href="{xen:link pages/gettingstarted}" class="primaryContent">{xen:phrase Getting_Started}</a></li>
and to the navigation
<li><a href="{xen:link pages/gettingstarted}">{xen:phrase Getting_Started}</a></li>

I just took out the
<xen:if is="{$visitor.user_id}">


because I figured that was what was causing guest to not see the section.

also sorry Brogan... I just don't know what you mean by corresponding phrases... i will read that link you sent... Other then that can you see it now on your end?
You are referencing a phrase which doesn't exist: If_you_are_new_please_read_the_getting_started_guide_here

The code needs to look up that phrase and return the corresponding content.

Create a new phrase in the Phrases system using that title and the content you wish to display.
Quick info:

now you can use the help_sidebar_links template hook to add own links (so you don't need to edit the template anymore;) )
Thank you Brogan for this great write out, it's good to see these sorts of articles / guides. Keep it up!
Has this been simplified in V1.1. Not saying it is overly complicated as-is but it is a bit long winded for something that might be more readily 'built-in'?
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