Add max height and overflow to attached files list


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When working with a lot of attachments (and I do mean a lot) in a post or resource, the editor is way (way) off the top of the page when at the bottom of the attachment list.


Which makes for a lot of scrolling up and down to reposition the cursor in the text editor and insert the attachments.
This is on a fairly big monitor, so the problem is exacerbated on smaller screens.

Adding an overflow, as already exists on the editor, would mitigate this somewhat.

Steve F

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How about a max-width on the AttachedFile class so that they could be floated left to get rid of wasted space and set them side by side? That might a be another suggestion but I meant to post something similar anyhow.

This was done quickly but you get the idea, and obviously some better CSS is needed. :p



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I did consider suggesting something like that but I'm not sure how feasible it would still be on a screen with a fairly low height.

I'll leave it up to the dev's to best decide how to do it, should they wish to make any changes.


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I did up some css that addresses this back some time ago and I found the first suggestion is not elegant enough and pending the width of the page the second can be annoying to look at, my solution to it was mimicking something else that already exists in xf and it worked out to be something that looked like default xf, worked in practical usage and was actually really simple to add and looks great on mobile devices (which is the reason I did this in the first place).

It's too much typing to explain it (god forbid I type a wall of text here) while I am working on something else but if you are interested you can remind me in a convo and I will find and expand the archive that contains the testbed with this tweak on it and adminCP/link you to it on a dummy domain and if you want to figure out how to describe it from there feel free, if not it's whatever and not that big of a deal spinning mouse wheel and mobile phone swiping considered.