Implemented Add IN and NOT IN operators for the finder

Sadik B

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I see this,

switch ($operator)
            case '=':
            case '<>':
            case '!=':
            case '>':
            case '>=':
            case '<':
            case '<=':
            case 'LIKE':
            case 'NOT LIKE':
            case 'BETWEEN':

                throw new \InvalidArgumentException("Operator $operator is not valid");

Not sure why the IN operator is excluded. It is useful in many cases when extending a repository. Else we have to use many whereOr conditions which doesn't seem ideal.


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The = and != operators are automatically converted to "IN" and "NOT IN" when dealing with arrays.

LIKE and NOT LIKE are also compatible with using arrays

Chris D

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Indeed. There's a slightly different code path for array values. You'll notice on line 285 of XF\Mvc\Entity\Finder that if a non array value is used then it will return return "$lhs $operator $quoted";.

Below that it starts dealing with IN, NOT IN, LIKE and NOT LIKE etc.