Add Full Screen function to the Froala Editor


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Please add the Froala Full Screen option to the toolbar.

Now with the introduction of Article Threads I think the ability to uses Froala's built in full screen option is necessary. Over the last couple weeks I've written a few decent length articles and the annoyance of having to scroll both the editor up and the page up to get to the toolbar just to make a title bold or insert a link is annoying and time consuming and can really break the flow of the writing process. Using the full screen abilities built into Froala not only eliminates the need for page scrolling but it also offers the ability for a fixed tool bar at the top of the screen/editor. This would virtually eliminate all current editor and page scrolling requirements and give quick access to the tool bar at all times when creating threads of any size.
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Just seen this in your post below and have upvoted now. We need a proper article CMS editor. The basic one built into vBulletin for example, is perfectly sufficient and have suggested something like it here, but haven't heard anything back. Seems a lot of good suggestions from members are being overlooked, unfortunately.

This post will bump your suggestion and hopefully generate more upvotes.