Lack of interest Add Filter to Search Results Page Like Google

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When you use the search from the nav menu, the resulting list is ordered by relevance by default, often showing very old threads. In order to change it you have to leave the page and start the search all over again.

Please add a filter to change it without having to navigate away.


Here's a nice implementation from Threadloom for inspiration

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For example, after someone searches using the quick search by Alerts, once they land on the results page, have a dropdown that allows to quickly filter the results based on time, (e.g. Anytime, Past hour, Past 24 hours, Past week, Past month, Past year, Custom range...).

I often find after searching I want to narrow down posts between a specific time range or only after a certain amount of time has elapsed and this would just make it easier to do so.


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Hah. After using threadloom for a few weeks now and installing enhanced search this week, I really miss the search bar on the search result page. Pretty sad that this is marked as lack of interest. Searching would be so much better if the search result page had a dedicated search bar and filters supported by available search tech. I guess not going to happen anytime soon. :cry:

I assume a new feature request can be filed now that this one is closed. Wondering if I should file one. Would wait for some feedback from other members who might see this post in coming hours.