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Lack of interest Add extra colours to the colour palette


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Whilst doing the style for my site, I kept wishing there were a few additional colours which were available.

My style is fairly muted with a mixture of greens and greys but in some instances I wanted to be able to use an @highlightColour for certain items.

So this isn't a request to change the existing setup but to just add a few additional colours, 4 to be precise, to the palette which can be used when customising themes.

There are even 4 handy spaces already reserved for them ;)

Either that or a completely separate custom section at the bottom.



Well-known member
As a theme designer, I would really appreciate something like this. I find myself facing the exact same problem as Brogan.


Well-known member
I pointed this out somewhere, and this is probably more than what you're thinking of, but I'd like to have a @tertiary option available for easy three-color styles as well. :)