Add-on Add entire usergroups to a forum's watch list


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Some usergroups have forums they should really be subscribed to, especially staff usergroups. What I would like to do is have a feature in AdminCP that allows an admin (and maybe Mods) to be able to manually add forums to the watch list for all users in a particular usergroup - essentially like a batch process. For example, let's say you have a Moderators forum and want to have all of your Moderator usergroup set up to watch that forum, the Admin would go into the tool, find all members in the Moderator usergroup and add the forum to their watch list. You could do this for any usergroup and any forum.

It would then be nice to have rules in place so that whenever a user is added to a usergroup they have that forum added to their watch list automatically. This way the admin doesn't have to keep running the tool.

Ideally, you could use various member search criteria for this, not just usergroups. Various custom field data could be used to find users and assign forums to their watched list as well. One example that comes to mind is having all members who have California selected for the state they live in could have a regional forum added to their watched list.

Obviously you'll have to be careful about this so as to not cause spam complaints. But for staff it wouldn't be much of a concern. Users could always unwatch the forum if they wanted to.

I think this would be a great add-on. Like if you agree.