Add all posts and descriptions to RSS content


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Following on from my thread here, I'd like to suggest that the RSS content contains all posts and descriptions, not just from the first post in a thread.

This is how RSS works on phpBB. Although that software doesn't have individual feeds for forums, it does have an overall feed. The overall feed contains all posts, not just the first post from each thread.

The RSS as it currently stands in 1.2 only displays the content of the first post in a thread. Effectively all this does it highlight any new topics that are started on a forum but gives no indication of how the conversations in these topics develop.

Adding this functionality would mean that members could use RSS to keep up-to-date with reading posts.
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Absolutely, I fully agree. There is not much use of the present RSS feed without the recent posts content. In fact the members are getting confused just to see the first post in the feed when there are other posts actually. We can use the proper posts RSS feed with Google's feedburner to add a subscribe option for the forum mailing list. Most of my new postings and discussions are as posts rather than new threads so the Rss feed with only first thread posts is not of much use unless it is an announcement forum or a blog. A community forum needs RSS for the posts also. My request is to please add this basic option in the next update. Almost every other forum ipb, vb, phpbb, mybbb etc. have rss feeds which includes the posts in the descending order. Thanks.


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I echo this suggestion as I posted in another thread. In a forum the thread will develop and live, adding new posts and pages. I did not know this before I moved to Xenforo and just found out when the RSS feed posted four identical entries to Twitter ( I used Twitterfeed but stopped the function).


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There are some threads on my site that I would definitely benefit from this feature. My twitter followers would be kept better up to date on my site's public threads and would probably be more encouraged to sign up and get verified.


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My members are missing this function too. They want all posts sent to their reader rather than just the first. Hope this will be included soon (y)


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Oh my god, i am going mad, and i was sure this is an bug... OMG this not a bug?
For what have I paid 160€, I am asking my self in times like that really really hard. @XenForo

Any other solution to get useful rss feed? Because this is just a joke, a really bad one...


le bump. add another vote for this "unnecessary feature." I've been using XF for years and only just realized this was the behavior of the feed. 😡