Implemented Add a report button / link on member profile page

Pretty self explanatory. An option for a member to report another member if needed. In case this member is causing mass spam or there username is inappropriate or something like that. I found it to be a super helpful feature on IPB, but I haven't seen an add on or anything for this on xF.


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It's not required as all content can be reported, whether in a thread, profile post or conversation.


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I've noticed a few spammers registering here at XF who don't post anything but instead update their homepage URL to point to whatever spam site they are pushing.

I cannot report them though because there is only an option to report content, there is no option for regular members to report a member from the profile page (or anywhere else).

Please add this option.

Shaun :D


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It would be nice to be able to report user profiles too, for things such as avatars, custom user fields, etc.

I've just encouraged people to report a post and specify that the actual violation is in the profile.


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Actually, this is not true. Profile fields, avatar, user status, signature, custom title, homepage are also content. If these contain problematic content then it need to be reported.
I'm inclined to agree, as we've had zero post members sign up only to spam their own profile page via the homepage link and sig. We've put other measures in place to stop this, but I can see why it would be useful.
It's not required as all content can be reported, whether in a thread, profile post or conversation.
I completely disagree.

I'm surprised such a core feature wasn't implemented from the start. Being able to report member profiles would be astronomically more efficient. For forums with large memberbases and a strict set of rules, there will be a large number of members who violate the rules. At the moment, the only way to inform a moderator of members who may be violating profile rules, such as explicit avatars or profanity within their signature, is to report one of their posts. This is not a productive method at all.


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Was just coming in to suggest this myself, since I was about to report a user for inappropriate content (avatar), but they hadn't posted anything, so no real way to report.