XF 1.5 Ad Placement Question


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This is a dumb question... but I can not figure it out so here I come to ask the experts...

I have an add that I was serving using an iframe and it was working well. However the ad agency requested that I do not use iframes and to use the direct ad code.

So in the ad_above_top_breadcrumb template I took out the iframe and added the following code (note code is modified for this post)

<script language="javascript1.1" src="https://adserver.adtechus.com/addyn|3.0|12345.1|1234567|0|225|ADTECH;loc=100;target=_blank;misc=[TIMESTAMP];rdclick="></script>
Now if I put this code in the ad displays but it displays at the bottom of the page (and depending on the style used such as the unmodifed Xenforo Default style) it also moves the navbar to the botttom of the page as well.

How do I fix it so it shows above the top breadcrumb correctly.



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That was it Teletubbi, you are a genius!

Thank you! You don't know many DAYS I have been trying to figure this out, before I got the nerve to post the question here!