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Robbo submitted a new resource:

Ad Manager (version 1.0 Beta 2) - Advertise to who you want, where you want, when you want!

Advertise to who you want, where you want, when you want!

This is the beta release of the MercenaryDesign Ad Manager. It allows ads to be shown to who you want, where you want when you want with the XenForo criteria system and template hook position definitions.

  • use the XenForo criteria system to be very specific on when a certain ad should be shown
  • show ads in various positions of your forum, don't have the position you want? Add...
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Robbo updated Ad Manager with a new update entry:

1.0 Beta 2 Change Log

Version 1.0 Beta 2 Released
Remember to backup before updating. This is beta software!
  • added ad view and banner click counting
  • ads are now rotated to get equal exposure by default with the option to have them random
  • fixed bug with adding/editing positions
  • fixed a bug causing page criteria to not work properly in certain positions
  • fixed a bug causing more than one ad to show in a person when it wasn't meant to
  • fixed...
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Hi Robbo, has the add-on the ability to display ads in random position inside message body like Digital Point add-on? If yes, I'll buy your add-on immediately :)


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Rich said:
Can you help me, I want to center a banner i uploaded how do I do it with this?
On the Style Options tab, within the Inline CSS field, place the following ...

width:512px; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;
Change the width dimension to suit your site's style.


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Anybode else who has a working site with Ad Manager?

We use it to display Google Ads. The sidebar block on the frontpage is one example. At the very bottom, there's another ad, and every first thread has an ad below it as well.

I haven't updated to the newer version yet, so the banners you see at the top are currently provided by another add-on, but with the Ad Manager now supporting banners, I will be replacing the current system with this one this week.


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If a demo is what you need to make your decision I can setup some temporary stuff for you to show you what it does.
I would appreciate that if it's not too much job to do. What I want is to see how I can utilize this product for my site.


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I don't have time to set anything up right now. Can you start a conversation with me tomorrow and I'll sort it out for you.
We just bought this today, not really got stuck into using it yet, but have found a bug - only the super admin is able to use it.
If you enabled the 'Manage mercAds' permission for an admin, it'll allow them to see the menu item for the add-on, but when they try to access it they'll be presented with an access denied error.


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Yeah I noticed that bug the other day. Already fixed locally, just need to get a bug release out.