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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Link manager - Allows adding query parameter to links.

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Allows adding query parameter to links.

This add-on is useful if you want to add your forum domain as a query parameter to links in your posts. This way if...

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Thanks Andy, this is a great idea. A few questions:

Does this mod add the source= parameter to URLs that already contain other parameters?

Is this a global setting, or user group/node permissioned?

Does the "Exclude link" field allow for multiple exclusions (comma separated for example)?
I installed the mod, configured the options and posted some links to test and none of them had parameters added.

Does the unfurling system interfere with this mod?

Does the mod work even if links are already wrapped in [ url ] BB Code?
FYI - Andy answered me on his forum. Answers to my questions are:

1. Yes
2. Global
3. No
4. No
5. Yes

It turns out the mod is working just fine on my forum. You just need to reload the page to see the updated link(s). Additionally, it looks like the mod adds the parameter to all links already posted in the forum. Good stuff.
yeah. this seems like a nice addon. that could benefit from a larger exclude field. i wouldn't want to send my source to a bunch of domains. and not changing the domains in post content seems like a good idea as any changes made are updated on all links in real time.
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