XF 2.2 Activity Summary - Weekly Send


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I would like to send this out once a week to all members, so I am assuming that if I change these to the following it should do that.

Start sending summary email when user has been inactive for - 1 Days
Send summary email while user is inactive every - 7 Days
Stop sending summary email when user has been inactive for - 180 Days
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I am still trying to find out what are the best option to set this up so member get this mail once a week like they have been getting with the Weekly Digest add on.

Some of my members expect to get this summery each week.


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It's not designed for that.

If the members are regularly visiting the site then they won't receive the email.
I would like to ask the same. If I want my users to start receiving the summary email after 7 days without visiting the forum, is the Summary Email designed for that? I mean, the option is right there, I just need to lower the inactive threshold to 7 days, right?