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Lack of interest Actions = Points

Enguerran A

Well-known member
It would be great if it was possible to assign points to each actions of the forum (create thread, post message, receive a like etc...). This way it would be possible to make some cross feature trophies and the criteria, have x points would have sense. ATM the "have X points" is only useful if you have already won trophies because there is no other way to gain points.

With actions giving points, it would be possible to obtain the same trophy but from different ways : 10 message, 50 likes and 5 new threads or 30 messages and 60 likes, because all these actions would give the same amount of points (90).

Of course, the old way whould be still available for rewarding each steps (100 messages, 100 likes etc...) but the thing I'm proposing would allows us to make a real ladder not depending of trophies but depending on how users use the forum. In addition, it would offers users a better climbing ladder system because they would be able to see how many points they have, in real time. More points = more motivation =D

Jake B.

Well-known member
ATM the "have X points" is only useful if you have already won trophies because there is no other way to gain points.
That's because they're trophy points. You could probably use a credits add-on to get the functionality you are wanting, I would assume that they have functionality to create trophies based on the number of credits you have, but I'm not 100% sure as I have not used any of the credits add-ons.

Enguerran A

Well-known member
That's because they're trophy points
Basically, what I propose is almost the same as now. The only difference would be the fact that points will be unlimited and there would be 2 ways to get them, trophies or interacting with forums (that leads to trophies aswell).

I think that trophies have to be things to rewards users but not the way to get points. What I propose could create so much ways to evolve on boards that it would motivate users to interact with each other more than now.

XenForo made something almost similar with user titles (depending on points, messages or likes). Now, it's the points turn =D