XF 1.3 ACP "Banned Users" has entries for non-existant users


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When viewing "Banned Users" in the ACP entries are showing with no user name. Clicking on the entry gives shows the xf_user_ban data. Clicking on "User Info" shows "The requested user could not be found" and looking in xf_user confirms that the user entry is not there.

So the question really is.... what's the best way of clearing up xf_user_ban to get rid of entries for users that don't exist? :D


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You could likely delete them with a query that left joined to the xf_user table and removed the ones without a matching user. I wouldn't totally recommend that just from an ease-of-mistakes perspective.

You may just need to remove them manually via the DB.


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Because of the volume of entries, over 400, I went with a join on the delete command.
delete xfban
from xf_user_ban as xfban
left join xf_user as xfuser on xfban.user_id = xfuser.user_id
where xfuser.user_id IS NULL