Add-on Account Upgrades via donating to charity

Dion Sune Jensen

Active member
I was thinking about this the other day, and thought it would be an awesome addition to have in a community.

  • The ability to hook upgrade purchases into charity donations, so that a user can donate to a charity and then get the upgrade, should not support recurring option
I am well aware that this might not be possible except if the charity's donation system has some sort of API that you can hook into or similar, but I hope someone can make this a reality.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Yeah it would depend on APIs and the support of charities should be based on the merits of supporting that charity, not if they for some reason have enough money to invest in a fancy API.

My view is, you don't need an add-on for this. If there is a charity or charities you wish to support, set up a seperate PayPal (or whatever) account, have your account upgrade money go into that and then make periodic donations yourself to the charity/s you wish to support.

Dion Sune Jensen

Active member
hmm, true, that would indeed be a easier, I was simply hoping for a more automated way, but you are completely right in that it would probably just end up limiting what choices of charities are available.

Unless someone else really wants this, feel free to close and/or remove this thread.