XF 2.2 Account Settings limitations


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Question, we want to not allow a user to uncheck automatically watch content you create or interact with but we want to let them enable/disable email notifications. I don't see any way to easily do that or an add-on to do that. Is there a template I can tweak on that to not allow someone to uncheck that? We have a few check boxes on recieve a notification as well that we don't want users to be able to disable either under their account preferences. Thanks for any pointers!
Brogan, Thanks for the quick response. I am not a programmer by any means but can sorta hack my way through things. Looking in the account_preferences template I see the code for the content options section of the account/preferences section for the user. I think I should be able to figure out the code to make the changes I need there. Where I am getting lost is the receive a notification when someone sections. In looking at the same account_preferences template I see nothing for these other check options like "reacts to your message" or "starts following you". Any pointers on where I can find the template that those are in? Sorry new to XF as I recently took over for a non profit to help them and am still learning XF. Thanks!!
Some of the code is complied using for each loops so it would require wrapping that section in a conditional statement and filtering out elements which match specific criteria/vars.

If you just want to remove all option then just delete the entire block of code.

Here's a guide which will help with determining which vars are in use on the page and how to manipulate them: https://xenforo.com/community/resou...ositions-navigation-entries-and-widgets.8041/
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