XF 2.2 Account Confirmation Email Text Size


Hi All..

I've setup a new Forum and just testing ready to go live. I've had a couple of people sign up, the feedback is the email account confirmation and account confirmed have an unbelievably large text size of the Board name, I checked it on webmail, the Heading was 200px on a mobile phone it completely overshadows the Confirmation button and text. Using Themehouse UI.X - I can't seem to find where the setting is to adjust it. In Chrome developer i changed it to 20ps on the page and it looked perfect.



Thanks in advance :)
Generally when using a "custom" theme... you need to ask in that theme discussion thread for support as you will hit your target audience. I don't (and won't) use TH's stuff... so whatever I might tell you could be different on their style.

I'm going to "guess" that's their dark version.. so you would need to ask here if it is.
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