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XF 1.5 Access Admin Panel but blank forums

I have recently upgraded to XF 1.5.14 without experiencing anything abnormal.

I subsequently received several complaints from users that could not "sign up".
Thinking some files might have been corrupted during the FTP transfer due to a poor internet connection, I decided to re-upload the whole xenforo files.

That was a bad/stupid idea. Since then, I can only access to the Admin panel but not to the forum (blank page).

I haven't done a lot of modifications and would like, if possible, to do a fresh install. I think that could minimise the maintenance I will have to do on the forum in the future.

Any help to restore access would be greatly appreciated.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
I'm receiving a 500 error now.

It could be due to an add-on.

Checking the server error log may provide some clues.
Contact your host if you're not sure how to check that.

There may also be entries in the XF ACP error log.
Attached the server error log. 2017-06-11 at 13.48.png
I have deactivated all add-on with no effect.
My hosting company OVH is offering a dashboard with server error logs but I lack the knowledge to extract some useful information of it.

If it would be easier, I am not against the option of doing a clean install and re-importing the database of users/threads/posts.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Those errors are due to a missing function - utf8_romanize - however that wouldn't have happened as part of the upgrade, that is due to a change being made on the server.
Your host will have to install that.

We also need to see the server error log contents to determine why the forum won't load.