XF 1.5 Accepting cookies?

Blake Burkett

New member
Hello guys! So today something different happend. When I click "Log in" it came up showing me this;

I have never had this happen before and another thing I should note is if I click login again it works fine. How can I fix this?
Website: mcthreads.org
Thanks - 1010bob


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The style i can see as a guest on your forum or a different one?

Try the default style or another one for your account. If the problem goes away then it is a problem with the style.

If it is not you can submit a ticket for a help.

Because this is only happening to your account it must be a personal setting. Any other members had this problem? Also check if it happens with all your add-ons disabled.

You can also backtrack it. Did the problem started after installing an add-on or style?