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Just an interesting question

In vBulletin if i add user to group "Moderators" users cannot do anything before i add him like a moderator to needed category or forum

In Xenforo if i add any user to group "Moderators" this user can do anything with messages anywhere in the board - edit/detele/move msgs/threads! But i want only to add user like a moderator to one forum not for others. I solve this by adding user in group "Registered" as a moderator of a forum.

But... What if i have a hidden forum only for all board moderators and i need to grant for them access to this hidden forum and don't make them as moderators of all board (put in "Moderators" group), just only one forum where they can manage.
How to do it correctly?


I can said that it's true

I installed new forum.
One category - Main Category. In this category 2 sibling nodes "Main forum 1" and "Main forum 2"
All permissions in this category and forum by default

I added a user "moderator". made him as "Registered"

Like in Moderators tutorial made "Crete new moderator" as a forum moderator of "Main forum 1"
In "Edit permissions" checked all moderator permissions but didnt check any boxes in "Add Moderator to User Groups". Ok. User "moderator" in "Registered" group but have moderator rights to "Main forum 1"
I logged in as "moderator" and i could manage "Main forum 1". i couldn't manage "Main forum 2"

But if i changed user "moderator"'s in "Edit user" group from "Registered" to "Moderating" i could also manage "Main forum 2"!

What is wrong in my permissions?
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