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I am not really happy about this topic.

- A -
1. Options: 10 pictures per post
2. Add a post with two pictures.
3. Change options to 1 picture per post
4. Edit post. -> I still can save the post with 10 pictures.

Should get an error message and no possibilty to save? Somehow yes, somehow no.

- B -
1. Options set to 1 picture per post
2. Add first picture
3. Add second picture -> get a message, not allowed
4. Save-> get a message not allowed


Best way, maybe not possible: After uploading the first (xth) picture, the button to upload disapears.
2. best way. Try to upload the xth+1 picture will not be done with an error message

- C -
There is no more link "insert all attachments" and "insert all thumbs" -


In a forum for fotographers i am happy about every fotographer that shows his pictures to the world. This is "my" content and the reason, why people visit me.
And now i let the people click more times to upload?! Sorry, that makes absolutely no sense to me.
To have checkboxes is nice, to add some picture, ok. But please bringt the one-clic-solution back.
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One more fun fact!

1. Options: 1 attachment per post
2. Add the first picture
3. Try to add the second picture.
4. Delete the first picture
5. Save!

Sorry, not possible, first you have to delete the "what"?
The picture that is not there?
Funny! There is more to know!

Add two picture. Klick inside the text, where the pictures should be insert.
Click on "multiple"! (Now you have lost the cursor inside the text!)
Click on "mark all" and "insert"

The images are inserted at the end of the text.

Now i feel stupid (after how many clicks?!);
then i delete the pictures and try it again. This time (hurray, i am a clever one)
i dont set the cursor, before everything else is clicked and marked ...

Please bring back the two links "insert all pics", "insert all thumbs"!
And one more.

I think it would be perfect to add the alt from filename to both with logic:


Should be alt="This is an elephant from nepal-haha"
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