Abort pending field validation... when replying to thread


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We are getting this error message from xenforo.js when quick replying to certain threads on Chrome.

Abort pending field validation...

This is one of the pages.



Anyone know how to fix this?
Does the post get saved or not? Is the error immediate or does it lag?

I'm not sure how to read this error. I suggest disabling your addons temporarily to see if that fixes the problem.
Sorry for the necro. We just ran into this exact problem and this topic led me to realizing what the problem was, so I wanted to post the solution for anyone else who searches for this.

The issue is that I'm going to guess you have AdBlock or AdBlock Plus enabled, and the commonality between all problem forums and threads you can't interact with is that they have "advert" in their name or topic title. If you disable your adblocker, it will allow you to interact with that thread again.

This is why some people with Chrome can inexplicably reply to those topics - they don't have an adblocker.
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