Able to sort Album names during upload?


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I know there are a bunch of threads related sorting the media items during an upload -- this is not my question. :)

What I'm after would be being able to sort the list of Album names in the drop-down down during an upload? We're ending up with some duplicate named albums and I think part of it is because user's not easily seeing that an album already exists that they are able to upload to so they just go ahead and create new one.
They are ordered by the number of media items. There's no direct way of changing that. Besides not having any preset "orders" we acknowledge in the code that would order by title, the only other way of changing the order would be a code edit.

If you wanted to order them by the create date, you would need to open library/XenGallery/ControllerPublic/Album.php

'order' => 'media_count'

Replace with:
'order' => 'album_create_date'

Whether or not that would help, I'm not sure. Perhaps not.

The only other solution would be some custom code to handle sorting alphabetically.
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