Lack of interest Ability to unfollow a status

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I've been on a gaming community for a while now. The one thing I truly love about that community is their forums, which is Xenforo. It's a very easy and simple forum with a lot of features. However, one of the few things (only 2, so don't worry ;)) that I really disliked is the way commenting on status' work. If you comment on someone's status, you will be sticked to that status forever. Whenever somebody, doesn't matter when or how much, places a comment on that status, you'll receive an alert.

Mostly if you comment on a status and get a few replies thus few alerts it isn't that big of a deal. However, if a huge discussion breaks out either related or unrelated to the OP and you don't want to participate in the discussion anymore, you'll still receive alerts. One time I woke up to about 100 alerts because the alerts stack and don't work as the way replies to a regular thread work.

I'm not sure if there is already a plugin for this or a way to change this. I was told by one of the Staff on that forums that that feature isn't included with Xenforo, so I thought why not suggest it on their forums.
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