Lack of interest Ability to share User Albums with XenForo groups


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A while ago I just had one of my users who shared some photos of his newborn twins with Members only, not realiging that Members meant all registered users. He actually wanted to share it will just the full members of our site (of which we have around 40ish).

The current way to get around this is to share the album with specific people or to share with those you follow. Either way, it's a bit tedious doing this for 40+ people and has to be done again for another album (for specific people) or the followers list has to be kept up-to-date with all full members (which he may not want to follow all of them anyway).

I would therefore like to suggest that some facility is added to allow users to share their Albums with XenForo groups. The ideal would be if an admin can specify in the ACP which groups would be available for users to share Albums with and to give them 'friendly' names that would possibly be more understandable than the names we give to XenForo groups in the ACP.


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Although I would still like this, I can see the issues with the suggestion in that user groups aren't exposed on the front end and users wouldn't typically understand the group names that an admin may have used in the ACP.

One possible solution to this is the Albums with Categories suggestion:

As categories can be assigned user group view permissions, there is the potential that implementing that suggestion would also implement this one. There are still issues of course in that the standard album sharing permissions couldn't really apply (as the view by followers wouldn't work if some followers weren't in the user group view permission for that category, and of course public and members also wouldn't work). However if the sharing permissions could be altered for albums in categories to, say, Owner Only and Category then it could work (though I don't know how difficult it would be to do this) or alternatively (and possibly a better option) is that users choosing to create an album in a category would be limited to the view permissions of that category only (and if they want other view permissions options then they don't add an album to a category).