Lack of interest Ability to post pure html by user group....


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Probably another one of those suggestions that are only of interest to certain types of forums, here thinking movie for bookoffice figures and sport league tables.

Would it be possible to have this option or do people think it might create more problems than it's worth? There are work arounds of course.


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This is one feature I would really really like to have. At least the ability for admins to use html, and have everyone else read it, while leaving the forum open to replies.

Currently in vb3.8 html can be used in a forum which admins can post html into, but the only way to keep others from posting html in it is to lock the forum. If I enable html in a forum, post html in a post, then disable html so others do not post html, all people see is the unparsed html. The only other way to use html is in notices.


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It still boggles my mind that allowing HTML on a usergroup basis is not a defacto feature in vB. Would love to see this in XF as well.


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I've never had to use HTML personally, but it could be a nice idea!

I'd personally just like to have a system where I can whitelist certain HTML tags to be used (without attributes of course, don't want them javascript events being toggled) this way I can allow my users to post HTML tags like <hr />


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It was mentioned in another thread that there should be a bbcode tag for allowing HTML, but out of the box it should be restricted to admins. This is the system being used in SMF.

Something like the following:

[html]HTML stuff here...[/html]

I know that [html] is already being used, but it seems redundant since we already have [code]


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this suggestion hasn't been updated for ages now so lets bring some attention. (don't forget to like the first post if you want to see this implemented)


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And another... come on Kier, you know this was one of the eternal requests for vB and it was always pushed off into 4.x (i.e. indefinitely, until the whole engine gets rewritten). I assume that since you started XF from scratch "can't be done" doesn't apply any more, right? :sneaky: