Ability to create custom RSS feeds


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I'd like the ability to create RSS feeds using a custom selection of forum nodes.

For example, I post threads out to our social media sites using the main RSS feed but this includes our welcome forum, support forum, off-topic forum, etc. It would be great if I could create a custom RSS feed without those forums.

Another example. My pets forum has busy dog and cat sections. It would be great if I could create a 'Dogs' RSS feed that only featured the forums in the dogs category. The same for cats.

For CycleChat I could split road, MTB, commuting, folders, vintage, etc.

So ... login to the ACP, navigate to the custom RSS section, create a new feed, name it, select the forum nodes, and publish. Bish, bash, bosh! (y)

Shaun :D


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I would love this feature. At the least, there should be RSS for categories (right now, it is only for forums or global).


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I loved this feature in one of the other platforms which I used before switching to XF.
Yahoo Pipes provided an alternative option when it was alive.
Would love to create custom feeds with content from specific forums because there is no decent alternative to Pipes that I have located so far.
Also some control on feeds itself. Like number of posts. And I do not think they currently include meta data like tags etc? Assuming it is supported by RSS.