Ability for users to disable avatars displaying?


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Since moving to XF I've had quite a few people asking if there's the option to prevent all avatars from displaying (this is mainly from people who should be working :p).

I can't find the option anywhere but wondered if this was possible or whether it'd require an addon?
This plugin is outdated and apparently inactive.

I've been kicking around an idea to make a custom theme for XF that would not eliminate the avatars entirely. What it would do is use the existing "generic" avatars instead, to preserve the formatting and layout of the site. For the user's own avatar, it could either display their own if they have ever uploaded or linked to one, or display a modified version of the generic avatar (in a different color, perhaps) in places where their own avatar is used as an indicator (such as, to show which threads they have replied in). Not sure how much work this would be, but it would stifle the complaints from some of the thin-skinned members.
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