Abbreviation for XenForo?

Abbreviation for XenForo?

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OK, I've been away from the forums for a bit and have a missed a lot of conversation.

So what has turned out to be the common abbreviation for XenForo?

XF? Xen? Foro? Something else?

(Yes, this will impact the name of an an add-on.


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If I remember correctly (from my time on staff here), IF an abbreviation must be used, XF is preferred.


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There's an old thread about this somewhere, but it was basically thrown back and forth about the fact that while the logo shows "xF," the "appropriate" abbreviation is "XF."

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If it's officially XenForo, then here's an idea-- in the logo try making the X a little bigger, but not as big as a full capital X. In height it would be halfway between the height of the lowercase letters and the capital F.
We are using XF from XenForo.
It's mainly because the big X in the logo didn't look great, though we could experiment again. Officially, it is XenForo.
Really ?

I think the confusion lies with many initial xenForo users coming from the vBulletin community which was very often shortformed as vB. With the official logo using a small letter for the first letter it seems like it was a deliberate attempt to solidify the short form as xF.
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