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Lack of interest a Video Marketing Tool?


Active member
Okay, this is more of a think tank suggestion related to tracking and targeting specific content to market business in a more A/V direction.
I have no idea what I am suggesting other than, I bought this add-on, tried it and then disabled it because it seemed redundant to what xenForo already does so well, while adding more "bloat" to the database. I hate that already.

But, after two months thinking about it more, I reinstalled it again, and forced myself to get to know it better. To see if it would fit into my content and forum direction.

I have a gut feeling this could become my method to present tutorial for clients so I'm seeing this as an marketing add-on and NOT a way to engage member to upload their pics.
As is, this is never going to get off the ground for my members. I doubt no more than a few in thousands will use it wisely.
The mass will just carry on the same simple way of hot linking to youtube and uploading an image the way xenForo does it so well already.
I suspect I will get the odd question wondering what the clever info tags at the top of a media posted correctly in the forums are about. Those Tags btw are great!

So, I'm seeing this as an administration tool to sell or augment better video presentations within my forums existing structure, but marginally better in a confusing way. Thats it.

I'm pretty certain I'm not alone. This is just too awkward and distracting to repeat steps the forums does perfectly well.

My suggestion is then, to forget this as being something members will use wisely. Its direction needs to be tighter towards forum integration which I know has been mentioned here already. The question is why?