A Statement Regarding the Current Litigation

Many of you will by now be aware of the lawsuit filed against XenForo Ltd. and its three directors by Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. and vBulletin Solutions inc.

We would like our customers and prospective customers to know the following:

a) There are now two law suits originating from Internet Brands against us, one in London and one in California.​
b) It is claimed that XenForo contains substantial amounts of vBulletin-copyrighted code and makes use of vBulletin's trade secrets and intellectual property, and that in producing and marketing XenForo, we have breached the contracts of employment we signed prior to the acquisition of Jelsoft by Internet Brands.​
c) We deny these claims in their entirety, and have strong evidence to support our position.​
d) We will defend our position, and expect the claims to be defeated.​

We would like to thank all of our customers and friends for their ongoing support and goodwill, and ask them to respect that we are not able to comment further on the matters at this time, and to please refrain as far as possible from speculating upon aspects of the case that are not yet public knowledge.
This morning, the U.S. District Court for the Central District Court of California granted our motion to dismiss the 7th and 8th claims made by vBulletin Solutions Inc. against XenForo Ltd. and Kier Darby.

The alleged computer hacking violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, 18 U.S.C 1030 and California Penal Code § 502 were dismissed with prejudice. There was no allegation of unauthorized access.

"I'm delighted that these two unfounded claims have been dismissed and cannot be refiled," stated Kier Darby, co-director of XenForo Ltd. "We look forward to the dismissal of the remaining claims and invite any person with access to the source code of both vBulletin and XenForo to compare the code and discover the manifest truth that the XenForo software was independently created and infringes none of vBulletin's rights. Neither the vBulletin Solutions lawsuit in California, nor its earlier duplicate counterpart in England, should ever have been filed."
Yesterday in London, an application made on behalf of XenForo Ltd. for security of costs was granted by the High Court.

The application was made on the grounds that the first claimant, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. has no assets in the UK, having assigned them to the second claimant, vBulletin Solutions Inc. which is not resident within this jurisdiction.

The claimants opposed the application and costs were awarded against them.
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