A serious question...


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Ok so I am in a crap mood right now...I need something to watch (preferably a documentary) to focus on and learn to sidetrack my evil little brain and it's 5 × 1014 synaptic clefts which are just not thinking nice things.

A name will do fine...for reference I already own everything the history channel has on dvd that is worth having...so that can be skipped unless you know something that is REALLY good

I have also been as of late watching art docs...(most recently as in today have watched a history of Caravaggio and one of Manet ) and need a little break from interpretive subject matter into hard facts.


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They covered this pretty well in America: The History of US...the Donner party event was a tragic thing. I'll check it out right now and see if it covers any different angles.


Update@prepost: It does seem to be more in depth about the parties members and their struggles...Watching.


PS this was a great link...I can't believe I never thought of going here to watch...THANKS for the link...I now have more stuff to watch (and more reason to provide support from viewers like me :))


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Wait till the graphic depictions are presented in the third part of the documentary. I like how well immigrants' lives and struggles are narrated.


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This one is an eye-opener: A Certain Kind Of Death

"Unblinking and unsettling, "A Certain Kind of Death" lays bare a mysterious process that goes on all around us: What happens to people who die with no next of kin?"

The rest 6 parts of the documentary: