XF 2.1 A progress bar for messages

Hello, I need to create a widget where there is a progress bar that shows a percentage depending on the number of messages a user has, based on user ranges. For example, these are the user ranges and the respective amount of messages to obtain them:

  • Miembro nuevo: 0
  • Miembro frecuente: 50
  • Miembro maestro: 250
  • Miembro de bronce: 1,000
  • Miembro de plata: 2,500
  • Miembro de oro: 5,000
  • Miembro diamante: 10,000
  • Miembro de honor: 25,000
  • Miembro legendario: 50,000
The bar will show a progress based on a percentage, and when it reaches 100% (to the number of messages sufficient to pass to the other level) the user will go to the level and the value of the bar will return to 0, and so on for all the levels.

Is there a module or widget already created for this that I need?