A Prima Donna's struggle with border security.


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Poor Novak Djokovic is in immigration detention.
Cannot prove that he has a valid exemption from the two shots needed to enter Down Under?
An antivax hero, a tennis star should not be threated that hard, he is above the law.
Debate in Australia is very much polarised between two extremes:

"I can't stand the guy - and he needs to understand that the rules apply to everyone, regardless of how good you think you are"

... or:

"I can't stand the guy - but to be told he can fly to Australia, only to be denied entry at the border over a technicality, is disgusting"


Also - polls state that the overwhelming majority of Australians want his father deported as well. :p

An actual poll taken on PropertyChat - only 24% of voters in favour of letting him compete:

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only to be denied entry at the border over a technicality
But it's not a technicality, it's a requirement for every visitor to Aus. So many more being turned away, that are not media reported because they're not entitled rich sports stars.

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke has used his ministerial powers to personally cancel Novak Djokovic's visa, after the world number one men's tennis player won a court case earlier this week against the cancellation of his entry visa.​
Mr Hawke said he had cancelled the visa this time on "health and good order grounds, on the basis that it was in the public interest to do so".​
"In making this decision I carefully considered information provided to me by the Department of Home Affairs, the Australian Border Force and Mr Djokovic," he said.​
Naturally Djokovic's lawyers appealed the visa cancellation - but the full bench of the Federal Court ruled against him, upholding the cancellation.

A judicial review of Mr Hawke's decision to cancel the Serbian's visa was heard by the full bench of the Federal Court on Sunday.​
In a short hearing just before 6pm AEDT, the court ruled against Djokovic. It was a unanimous decision of the three judges.​
Chief Justice James Allsop stressed the court was ruling on the lawfulness and legality of the decision, not whether it was the right decision.​
"It is no part of the function of the court to decide upon the merits or wisdom of the decision," the judge said.​
I've not heard yet whether the Australian government will enforce the 3 year exclusion from entering Australia that usually applies for people whose visas are cancelled and are deported.

Apparently 71% of Australians support this decision.

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