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A lot of suggestions...

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by John L., Mar 22, 2011.

  1. John L.

    John L. Well-Known Member

    I have noticed the (small) suggestions forum has about 72 pages worth of suggestions. That's great and the community is clearly geared toward making this product better. I also love how active K&M are. However, are these suggestions being taken seriously? Are they being implemented as we speak and passed over for a few releases from now. While a roadmap has been asked for, I am more so asking for a forum within "Suggestions" Called "Implementation Queue". Moving suggestions into this forum that are being worked on or will be worked on for a future release. This would be great to assuring people their suggestion has been noted and will definitely be applied. We already have an "Implemented" forum, so why not create the half-way house so peoples suggestions are stuck in purgatory :(.

    Thanks guys!

    Crap, I wanted to add a poll to this, but I just realized I can't add one after the fact. Why is that?
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  2. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    If you want to get an idea of what has been posted about possible future features, check the Information tab on my profile.
  3. John L.

    John L. Well-Known Member

    Sweet, thank you. But that's a rather small list. I think the implementation queue forum might work better for features officially in the works for a future release.
  4. Rigel Kentaurus

    Rigel Kentaurus Well-Known Member

    I think you are thinking a factory, a queue of tasks that can be done, a structured process for software development.
    While that works with a mature project, it is a bother for a startup, the developers need freedom to be creative and to implement the next new feature that will give them the competitive edge.

    I remember the suggestions in some other forum platform. The never said "likes", they never said "trophies", they never said "news feed" these are probably the most advanced and well implemented features in XF at this point. Had they been discussed, there would have been people shouting "I don't want a Facebook" and "nobody needs that".

    Point is, I seriously think a roadmap will hurt more than it would help, at this stage.

    The developers have said, however, that they do order the threads, by first message likes and they look at the suggestions that are most liked by the community. And they do implement them, they do throw a bone to us once and then. Hell, I wish the Central Registration System was in works.

    Myself, I am taking the forum for what it is now. If it serves my need, I will use it. I am never again taking it for what it could become in the future. Too many broken promises to trust a software company again.
    Yeah, they ruined that for me.

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