A little potty talk

grant sarver

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Well, John Crapper may have invented it (or not), but Louie Bidet perfected it. Yes, I admit it! I love my bidet! Called an "Intelliseat" from Costco ($199.) it replaces the standard seat. Pretty easy to plumb it in, plug it in to an outlet and you're in business! I will avoid going into detail, suffice to say that it keeps a small tank of water warm AND the seat is heated! Yes, I'm out of the (water) closet!

Oh yeah, and a remote control!


Digital Doctor

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AMDM Intelliseat ISB-200 Installation [Electronic Bidet]

Al Bundy probably wouldn't approve. Maybe that is a good thing.
It seems that Anonymous made the Intelliseat instruction video ! :)

grant sarver

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Forgot to mention the "blow dryer". Usually just "pat" dry, then use the blow dryer. Very cool once you quit laughing and get over it.