A few thumbnails and preview mode tweaks


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Hi, need to make a few tweaks:

- what template is it for the lightbox preview mode, need to remove the media count for it's often overlapped by media titles and am having a hard time localizing this part of code.

- (how) can I prevent the media's title to be truncated in thumbnails pages (of category/albums)? Some have a long title, now it might break the "grid pattern" of the gallery but display media in a more dynamic, "Pinterest-like way".
Or will this break the page at all? :D


Chris D

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Actually a lot of the HTML for the lightbox is defined in its JS so I do not recommend changing that. You can hide it with CSS though.

    display: none;
The media titles are truncated with CSS, this would do what you wanted:

.gridSection .mediaContainer .titleSection h3
  text-overflow: clip;
  overflow: visible;
  white-space: normal;
Although it won't cause too much of a problem, you should probably ensure the maximum characters for titles is quite low: