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A few pre-sale questions

Xenforo looks great but, having only worked with WordPress, I have a few questions before purchasing:
  1. My host provider is HostGator. Do I just install Xenforo in my public_html directory? Do I need to worry about MySQL or PHP?
  2. Are XF add-ons the equivalent of WordPress plugins?
  3. Are add-ons added to widget areas (like WordPress) or do you need to code?
  4. Can I display forum-specific sidebars (i.e. display diaper ads on baby forum, tune-up ads on car forum)?
  5. Is there a visual editor for writing posts or pages or do I need to be proficient in bbcode?
  6. Doex XF offer a forum backup tool?
Thank you.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
HostGator should suffice but ensure the script passes - you can download it from here: https://xenforo.com/purchase/

Yes, add-ons are extensions to the core software.

WordPress is separate to XenForo - add-ons for XF will not work on WP and vice versa.

Yes, using node ID conditional statements. Bear in mind that forums do not have sidebars by default so you would have to edit the templates.

The editor uses bb code, so yes, you would need to be familiar with it.

There is no backup function in the software, that is something you would need to manage externally.
Thanks for the quick response. One reason I'm considering XF is because I understand the support is excellent.
  1. Does XF have tutorials on how to use ID conditional statements and bbcode? Is there a sample of how I would need to edit a template to add sidebar?
  2. Does XF have different templates/themes available to choose from?
  3. Is there an add-on that would let me add auction/bidding functionality?
  4. Can you recommend a backup resource to backup the forum?
Thank you again.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
The link in my signature explains how to use conditional statements.

There isn't a guide to bb code as such, but there is this: https://xenforo.com/community/help/bb-codes

The FAQ in my signature explains how to add a sidebar to other templates.

Yes, you can have multiple styles installed. There are many available in the resources.

You would need to check the resources for anything specific you are looking for.