XF 2.1 A cron task that deletes conversations, profile messages, etc?

I'm trying to create a cron task that removes the contents of the following tables in the database automa:
  • xf_admin_log
  • xf_conversation_message
  • xf_email_bounce_log
  • xf_error_log
  • xf_feed_log
  • xf_moderator_log
  • xf_spam_cleaner_log
  • xf_spam_trigger_log
  • xf_upgrade_log
  • xf_user_alert
  • xf_user_alert_optout

I saw this route: \src\XF\Cron I saw all the cron tasks, so I opened one and I see that there is an instance of the main class of xenforo that points to a repository and then apply a method. I suppose that the repository is the tables and the method logically performs the function. The problem is that I'm not sure if there is any repository for these tables and the methods to delete all the content.

I regret not being able to explain myself well, I am not very good in English and less in php xD
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