cron job

  1. Diesan Romero

    XF 2.1 A cron task that deletes conversations, profile messages, etc?

    I'm trying to create a cron task that removes the contents of the following tables in the database automa: xf_admin_log xf_conversation_message xf_email_bounce_log xf_error_log xf_feed_log xf_moderator_log xf_spam_cleaner_log xf_spam_trigger_log xf_upgrade_log xf_user_alert xf_user_alert_optout...
  2. treminaor

    XF 2.1 Need help debugging custom cron job

    I have been working on porting an old VB4 forum into XenForo 2.1 and one of the things the owner called for is their custom newsletter system to be ported over. It was basically a single php file running on unix cron that did a hacky read of the VB4 database of users, grabbed their email, and...
  3. Ali Ahmed

    XF 2.1 Rebuild User Cache with Cron Job

    hi I'm not very friendly to xenforo development source, its MVC model and etc.. So I'm building externally from xenforo such as subdomain and then using php and ajax from my xenforo forum for controlling my plugin (Don't ask me to use xenforo method of code, because I'm not good at all)...
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