A couple of things I would like to see....


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I am looking at a couple of forum softwares to move my existing site to.... and xenforo is one under consideration. I have spend some time trying to get to know each of the programmes, and have come up with a couple things I would like to see in xenforo, or know that it can do easily....

1) when moderation a post, it would be nice to see what forum the post is in. Actually, it would be even nicer to be able to move a post to a more appropriate forum while approving it (we tend to have a lot of people post in the first forum they come to...)

2) It would be nice to have the ability to completely ban URLs in specific forums, or to specific users based on # of posts or time on site.

3) when moderating a post, it would be nice to ban the user if the post is spam when you delete the post....

4) This is just me, but I would LOVE to see denied users or posts put into a denied queue so I can examine them at my leisure...

5) For what it is worth, I find the color styler non-intuative. might be nice to have a guide that helps a newbie find the attributes they want to edit easier. The amount of control is great, but it is very easy to get lost (or not find what you need).

6) It would be nice to be able to assign a user to be moderator of a number of forums all a once, rather than one at a time.

If these are just things I am over looking, sorry! These are things that would make my job as I do it easier!