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[8WayRun.Com] XenPorta (Portal & Lite Wiki)

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I think the only "must have" XenForo is really missing right now is a Splash Portal. Pretty much every website out there has one, whether its just a feed or recent news announcements, or a full blown CMS. This mod intends to fill this obvious gap with a recent news announcements feed and a very lite content management system. Remember that this mod is a beta, and is very limited at the moment.

  • News portal linking to admin defined forum
  • Custom pages (content management system)
  • Page caching to conserve server resources
  • Wiki-Like revision history for custom pages
  • Wiki-Like [template=] replacement BB code
  • Wiki-Like [h#]head[/h#] replacement BB code
  • "Sortable Tables" javascript for custom pages
  • Highslide built in with default [gallery] template
  • Recent News: http://xen1.8wayrun.com/portal/
  • Templates (and gallery): http://xen1.8wayrun.com/wiki/algol/
         | name = The Hero King Algol
         | image = Algol/algSC4art1.jpg
         | debut = Soulcalibur IV
         | voiceE = Jamieson Price
         | voiceJ = George Nakata
         | age = Frozen in time
         | bplace = An ancient dynasty whose name has been lost to history
         | bdate = Meaningless now
         | blood = Only pure power courses through him
         | height = Whatever he wills it to be
         | weight = Whatever he wills it to be
         | family = All in the past
         | type = Assimilated Soul Calibur & Soul Edge
         | weapon = Soul Calibur & Soul Edge
         | style = Command of the Flow of Power
         Algol (アルゴル), who is also known as "The Hero King" (英雄王アルゴル Wang hero Algol), was able to subdue Soul Edge and with the help of his powerful strength of will, he avoided being controlled by it. According to the legend, he used the sword to spread peace among the lands but unfortunately, his jealous son took Soul Edge and was possessed. Algol battled him and defeated him with a mighty blow. The strike was fatal.
         After his son's death, he decided to create a sword to counter the evil within Soul Edge. The legend says that, using purified shards obtained from his battle with his son and with the assistance of various sages, Algol was able to create the Soul Calibur after many failed attempts and even sacrificing his own life. However, the ritual that claimed the king's life actually failed, and the sword that was created was extremely similar in nature to Soul Edge and is imbued with Algol's soul. The tribe that was tasked with the protection of the new sword slowly turned that failure into a success and sealed the Hero King's soul, keeping his thirst for power dormant over the centuries.
         [h2]Character Overview[/h2]
         In the words of Hideo Yoshie, the main character designer of Soul Calibur IV, Algol is "a character that obviously proves the setting of being the strongest character ever in SC series". Algol's costume originates from a culture so ancient that it was not recorded in history, and the designer says it was very difficult to design it for that reason. The "bird" was decided to be the final motif of Algol's armor although there were many other ideas such as the lion and dinosaur.
         Algol is seen on the opening video with brown hair and blue eyes, showing him in his living human form. Despite looking malevolent, craving power, and being somewhat antagonistic to the characters, Algol still possesses a noble soul and is willing to help others. In Sophitia's ending, he saves her from Soul Edge's wrath and protects her daughter from the sword, since his son suffered the same fate. Many characters decide to spare him in their endings, stating that he is not evil.
         [h2]Biography: Soulcalibur IV[/h2]
         Algol is known to many as the Hero King who traded his life to create the legendary Soul Calibur. The real truth behind the creation holds a different story not known to many. A sword similar to "Soul Edge" was created as a failed attempt by Algol in creating a spiritual sword from a fragment of the cursed sword. The failure came from his personal ambitions preventing the transition from occurring completely. Another unknown fact about the sword is Algol's ambition which had remained intact within the sword throughout the years with his strong crave towards power. The subordinates around Algol who honored his ideas decided in trying to develop the newly created sword into a complete sword, which would require a vast amount of time to make a reality.
         Eventually, the subordinates emerged from the darkness of history, calling themselves the "Guardians of the Spiritual Sword:. Their prime objective was to defend and keep the rigidly sealed soul of Algol a close secret passed on through generations. The Hero King Algol's faith lived on under the solid curse which brought his time to a standstill in a near death environment. Both the spirit and cursed swords resonated with each other on numerous occasions during the curse, but not once was he awoken during the time. But now, what seemed like an eternity has come to an end, 16th century A.D., the curse was ready to be broken.
         [h2]Tournament Controversy[/h2]
         With the release of Soulcalibur IV, it was originally decided to ban Algol from tournaments; this decision carried on all the way through regionals and nationals. Many players were put off by the fact that he can shoot slow-moving "Eltanin Nath" attacks (bubbles) independant of his character. Additionally, sometimes stray Eltanin Nath would bounce off of walls, contributing to a "bubble-trap" strategy. Finally, they can sometimes position themselves directly in front of the camera, cutting off the view of the characters for a brief moment. It was summarily decided that Algol would be banned from the tournament scene in fear he would drive down attendance. The debate on the tournament legitimacy of Algol was a non-issue in many European countries, such as France, who decided to ban Algol simply because he was the "boss".
         However, with the discovery of the power of Hilde in Soulcalibur IV, many tournament organizers felt it was not feasible to ban Algol when there was a character so much more powerful than him in the game. After the east coast decided to unban Algol, most other communities, starting with Canada, immediately followed in suit. Recently, several tournament organizers on the east coast (the largest concentration of tournament players) have decided to ban Hilde in an attempt to salvage the community. Since the legalization of Algol was based solely on the legal status of Hilde, it was decided with the ban of Hilde that Algol would also be re-banned as well. Today, both Algol and Hilde are banned in almost every community around the world.
         [h2]Character Artwork[/h2]
         [h3]Art: Soulcalibur IV (+BD)[/h3]
         [template=gallery] url = Algol/algSC4art1.jpg [/template]
         [template=gallery] url = Algol/algSC4art2.jpg [/template]
         [template=gallery] url = Algol/algSC4cg1.jpg [/template]
         [template=gallery] url = Algol/algSC4cg2.jpg [/template]
         [template=gallery] url = Algol/algSC4cg3.jpg [/template]
         [template=gallery] url = Algol/algSC4cg4.jpg [/template]
         [template=gallery] url = Algol/algSC4wp1.jpg [/template]
  • upload the entire contents of the attached zip to your XenForo root
  • install from file on server: "library/EWRporta/addon_EWRporta.xml"
  • set options for the portal in administration control panel
  • set usergroup permissions for the cms pages and templates
Usage Notes:
  • To use sortable tables, just set "class=sortable" in your pages/templates
  • You can edit the built in gallery template to set your default image folders

Untitled-1.png Untitled-2.png Untitled-3.png Untitled-4.png Untitled-5.png Untitled-6.jpg

Remember, I am unemployed programmer and this mod is free! If you appreciate the work here, please feel free to donate. A donation of $30 (or more) earns you the right to remove the copyright for this mod from a single install.


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I'm liking this, you do need a latest posts block and a latest activity block in the side column though ;)

Would make it very VBAdvanced like ;)

Edit, would also be nice if articles could have their own proper page listing/categories/ability to go where the news forum posts are currently going. I know it's lite but I think it really has potential to do much more with only a few more features.


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I'm going to be watching this with great interest. It's something that could well allow me to migrate at least one of my sites onto the XenForo platform much sooner than intended.

Very nice work :)
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