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[8wayRun.Com] XenHabla (IRC)

Discussion in 'Add-on Releases [Archive]' started by Jaxel, Mar 3, 2011.

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  1. linkandzelda

    linkandzelda Member

    I installed this, i click the Chat link and it says the page cannot be found. I uploaded and installed an everything, any ideas?
  2. macman

    macman Member

    Is this working with 1.1 of Xenforo?
  3. Wulfspider

    Wulfspider Active Member

    Yup, we use it and have been using it since the betas.
  4. sforum

    sforum Active Member

    Apologies if this is a 'noobish' question, but can I just install this as per the instructions in the first post, et voila - my forum will have a chat room? Or do I need to do anything else (e.g. anything to do with IRC, etc.)?

    I want a chat room for my forum, and this just looks perfect, and too good to be true!

    Thanks. :)
  5. Trekkan

    Trekkan Well-Known Member

    It'll auto join your users into whatever chatroom you select. Administration of that chatroom is all through IRC however. Meaning any services like ChanServ, etc.. all still have to be setup as you normally would. You can do all of that through the mod, but there aren't really custom menus and whatnot for those things. There's just too many variations and whatnot probably.

    So in short, this mod will log your users into whatever IRC server you select, into the channel you select, using their forum username. (And a few other config settings to deal with various things)
  6. sforum

    sforum Active Member

    Does the mod come with an IRC server pre-configured? Can I just enter a channel name and it will automatically be created, or do I need to delve into the murky world of IRC and create my own channel first?

    Basically, can I install this mod and have a chat room, without having to do anything else?

    Thanks. :)
  7. Trekkan

    Trekkan Well-Known Member

    Nope, it has nothing to do with setting up an IRC server. It connects to a pre-existing server (of your choice). If you're just looking for private chats between users and chatrooms for them, check out www.cometchat.com and/or www.arrowchat.com These both integrate with xF (I think Arrowchat does anyway, I know Cometchat does) and are self contained.

    I used to hate CometChat, but it looks like their new version is pretty nice and still fairly cheap.
  8. ddmmh

    ddmmh Well-Known Member

    Wish this would support youtube since they do live streams also
  9. Raitsa

    Raitsa Well-Known Member

    Does this work after updating XF to 1.1.1?
    I seem to have lost the chatroom view and cant get it to show.
  10. Raitsa

    Raitsa Well-Known Member

    Any help guys on my missing XenHabla view?
  11. Raitsa

    Raitsa Well-Known Member

    Reinstalling the plugin made it visible again.
  12. RobParker

    RobParker Well-Known Member

    Would it be possible to set it so there's a fallback choice for irc client? The lightirc option is the nicest but doesn't work under iOS so it'd be nice if it could fallback to mibbit under iOS...
  13. Teascu Dorin

    Teascu Dorin Active Member

    Here you have the Romanian translation for [8wayRun.Com] XenHabla (IRC)


    Attached Files:

  14. RobParker

    RobParker Well-Known Member

    Anyone else having an issue with the smilies not displaying?

    Screen Shot 2012-01-12 at 15.08.49.png

    Looks like it's an issue with the Local (lightIRC Flash) install, switching to the LightIRC (lightIRC Flash) option fixes it.
  15. Jaxel

    Jaxel Well-Known Member

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