7 Games FREE! Saints Row 3, Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction, Company of Heroes + 2 Sequels!

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Gaming Section is hosting yet another great contest for our users. Its a quick 10 day contest. The Humble Bundle that we are offering is going to give you 7 great titles you can get on your steam account for free!

These titles include;
- Saints Row the Third
- Darksiders
- Metro 2033
- Red Faction
- Company of Heroes
- Company of Heroes - Opposing Fronts
- Company of Heroes - Tales of Valor

All you have to do is Log into your Gaming Section forum account and integrate your steam account! That's it! It really is that simple. If you do not have an account you can sign up fast an easy with new account details, with your Facebook, or sign up directly from Steam!

Current users can click HERE to integrate their current account. After 10 days we will randomly draw & declare the lucky new winner of these 7 free games provided by Gaming Section.

FAQ's that may pop up:

When I either try to register via steam, or try to associate my current account I get a list of errors. What do I do?
We have seen this happen a couple times. Simply refresh the page.

I do not have steam. Can I still get these games?
Well considering these games will be given via steam, You can easily create a steam account here: Create a Steam Account

Do not forget to check out our other contest!
$50 Game of YOUR choice FREE!
Hey there. Sorry, this question is not about your promo for the free games but about your forum.

Just wondering where you had the Luigi guest popup from ?

Edit, found it ;)

Good luck with your forum! Looks great!
You can get 6 of the 7 games for donating at least a dollar and Saints Row 3 by donating 6 dollars. http://www.humblebundle.com/

Edit: Sorry for ruining this for the contest, but this goes to charity. Had it been not games that went to charity, I would have kept my mouth shut.
Your not ruining anything. I have already stated in the original post that its the Humble Bundle. The money goes to charity and you don't have to pay for it. You get them free. Which is also why You do not have to do anything, and its a random draw.
Just tried this. Got this error:
Gaming Section - Error
A server error occurred. Please try again later. username on GS is same as here.
So I guess it's cool if we just spam our "contest" in this "showcase" forum now..(n)

Get feedback on your XenForo forum. XenForo forum showcasing and critiques only. You must be a customer to start a thread in this forum. Threads about forums with non-business-appropriate topics will be removed.

My feedback is to stop spamming xf ;)
Examples ? Links ? I'd like to know of these places.
The Forum Showcase forum is designed to allow people to showcase and receive critique on their forum. People do it to receive constructive feedback and showcase their ideas and concepts.

With that in mind, the only forum this kind of thread is suitable in, is Off Topic.
Fair enough Chris. Just would really like to know a place where I can just post "free" stuff as people would visit that forum a lot... Because everyone likes free stuff ;)
Ahh yeah.. Sounds like the place. Just free steam games... People would be bouncing all over that just need to post in the right places. Next time I have free codes I'll post in there :)
This qualifies as spam. We have had contests posted here before that were relevant to administering a forum (such as style sites giving away styles) but your promotion is not relevant to the subject matter of this forum. It would be better to post this on a gaming site.
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