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Looks like my members are suddenly all having an upload limit and cannot upload more than 50mb. It seems to be some sort of album limit that is set. The settings in the gallery are set to unlimited on all groups and I rebuilt XenForo Media Gallery User Media Quota but the limit is still set at 50mb.
Anyone had experience with this.
I checked out the server earlier (we moved server the other day)
and Upload Max File Size =2mb
Post Max Size =8mb
I would guess that this is related to storage quotas.

The two places to check are:
  • Go to Admin CP > Applications > Gallery Options. On the first tab, Media Options, the first option is "Enable Global Quotas (not permission based)" is this option checked? If so, then change the "Maximum Storage Quota (MB)" value (which sounds like it is currently 50) to the desired value.
If the above option is NOT checked, then the storage quota is coming from a permission:
  • To ascertain how the limit is being applied, go to Admin CP > Users > Analyze Permissions and enter an affected user's name. Find the relevant quota permission and check the existing value and where the value is coming from, then adjust that user permission accordingly.
Oops sorry I've only just seen this emails seem to have gone sideways since the host played with the "A" records. Thanks Chris did that and you were right.
What I had done was still have a quota of 50MB set up in the registered users, and because all my users are by default registered users even though they are members of more powerful groups, the lower limited obviously applied still... Doh! I am stupid :whistle:

if i set up Quota in group permissions, is this for each user or for all users?
The user have not uploading something but there still stand "Maximum Storage Quota (MB): 1.1 MB of 50 MB"
Should be for each user. I'm fairly sure deleted media shouldn't count - do they have any soft deleted media?

There is a rebuild under Admin CP > Applications > Gallery Rebuilds > Rebuild XenForo Media Gallery User Quotas if there's some sort of anomaly that should sort it.
Ok i have add a test user and there is 0/50MB
i have only use the test user permissions funktion, there the bord use the restrictions form the user but the quota form my user

Thanks for your time
Yes, Test Permissions doesn't work that way, unfortunately. It's actually somewhat lacking in the testing it does, to the point that it has been removed entirely from XF2.

You can, however, use the Analyze Permissions feature. Just enter the user's name, and it will show you down the bottom of the page (roughly) what quota is being applied to them, and which groups that is coming from. It doesn't tell you what their usage is, but most of the time that won't matter so much.
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